What are some good websites for tracking articles about and new releases from 'electro' music artists?
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I am looking for a good, clean website that will let me track music artists. What sites are out there for an electro fan like me?

So I'm essentially seeking a site like mp3.com that lets you track stuff about DJs and other electro acts (e.g. their recent releases, articles about them, and so on). Yes, mp3.com have everything I want in such a site. One major downside with them however is that they don't 'push' the content (a severe lack of RSS there, for example). Anyway, hopefully someone can help with at least one good resource. Cheers in advance.

Oh and you can view some of the artists I hope to track via my Audioscrobbler profile.
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This is just an idea, but what about signing up for an RSS feed from Technocrati? It introduces the intermediary blog layer, sure, but if it's worth knowing than probably some blogger somewhere will link to it, ja?
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Have you tried inthemix.com.au?
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Best answer: As far as discographies go, discogs is good.
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