Partying with a Pregnant Lady in NYC
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Planning a daytime bachelorette party in NYC - with complications!

I'm a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. We are a non-traditional wedding party - myself, the bride's brother, and a seventh month pregnant woman are the "bridesmaids."

On Saturday May 12, we are planning to do separate bachelor & bachelorette parties during the day, then meet up with both groups for fun shenanigans at night.

We need to think up something fun from 1 or 2 pm to 6:30-ish that is fun, but not dangerous or taxing for the pregnant member of our group! (Example - the guys are going to spend the day paintballing. The girls would love to go paintballing or lasertagging - but we can't!)

So I turn to you, mefites! We'd rather it not be too expensive, but all ideas are welcome.
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A mini-spa day, perhaps? Brunch then manicures, pedicures, shoulder massages? There are deals at salons that are pretty cheap, you could probably do it for, I dunno, $50-70 a person.
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Look into Spa Castle. I hear it's fun although I've never been.
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(The problem with Spa Castle, which I love, is that it's almost all saunas and hot tubs, which are a no-no for pregnant women).
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If you like games, maybe something like Barcade or Dave and Busters? O
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> The girls would love to go paintballing or lasertagging - but we can't!

Have you asked the pregnant woman what she thinks? Some women are still good to go for all sorts of athletic things in the third trimester. (The facility might have rules against it, of course.)
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I asked a similar question, different city. In case the solution is transferable, we had a boat trip, picnic on an island, back to the city for pottery painting (which turned out to be SO much more fun than I had anticipated. Just relaxing and absorbing. And we had champagne there for those that wanted it). Then a meal. Plus obligatory "how well do you know your husband to be?" games etc.
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When I lived in New York, I went to a few corporate events at Cooking By the Book and thoroughly enjoyed them. It looks as though they do specific bachelorette events.
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Archery! Way cooler than paintball. I went to an adult archery birthday party and it was a blast.
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