Crock pot as Sous Vide?
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Would a crock pot with a dimmer switch work as sous vide machine?

Crock pot temperature settings don't allow for the low settings (135-145) degrees F that work well for sous vide cooking. Would plugging the crock pot into a dimmer switch work after trial and error using just water?
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This might be of service:
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Excellent link! Thanks.
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Yes, assuming your crock pot is non-digital and the dimmer is rated for the load.

However, you can buy a cheap PID temperature controller, a solid-state relay (SSR), and a thermocouple on eBay for $30 or so. Wire them together in a box with a power outlet (I used an old UPS that already had one in the back) and you are set with much less fussing around needed.
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Keep in mind that good sous vide machines work in part by circulating the water, which no crock pot will do. This may not make much of a difference, but you will get different layers and different heat areas in a crock pot.
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This thread is chock full of ideas, tips, tricks and hacks. It can be kind of overwhelming but there are ways of doing sous vide on the cheap.
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Response by poster: I use this method with short cook times but checking the temperature constantly can be a drag. Anything longer than an hour or more is a hassle.
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Not sure if it was covered in the thread karlos posted, but a cooler can work as an excellent sous vide device.
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Best answer: I haven't tried it, but there are a number of sous vide hacks written up on, involving or not involving crockpots.

Here's a search to try.
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I own a fancy Sous Vide Supreme machine. It is quite good. It's also pretty expensive and, honestly, doesn't do anything that fancy. Its sole job is to hold water at a precise temperature, +/- 1 degree F. If you can hack a crock pot to hold temperature that precisely, it'd work just as well. I don't think for the meats we cook exact precision is essential; I bet +/- 3F would be just as good. If you want to get an egg just so, though, maybe 1F matters.

I think a straight dimmer would cause problems; it's going to confuse the thermostat and a dimmer is a lousy way to moderate heat on a resistive heater. But there are a variety of crock pot based hacks for sous vide machines, most involving turning the element off and on, and I think one of those could work well.
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Response by poster: I think I'll try the light dimmer plugin switch first. It's the least expensive one and doesn't require messing with electricity. Love cooking sous vide but hate the high price of a "real" Sous Vide appliance. Thanks for all the helpful tips!
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Do be careful! Even though you aren't messing with wires directly, you are still messing with electricity. If you are just going to use a dimmer cord, there is a good chance it isn't rated for the load of a crock pot. There could be too much heat generated in the dimmer.
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I've wondered the same for a deep fat fryer... because it does have temperature control. I have no idea how accurate it is.
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