What's the best pulp eliminating juicer?
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What's the best pulp eliminating juicer?

I want pure, liquid juice. 0% pulp. Purity. I'm willing to spend in the range of $200-$500, and I'd prefer something fast and easy to clean.

I'm looking for recommendations. (And yes, I Googled it, I don't think the results give any clear cut answers).
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Although it is a British site, it's worth reading: UK Juicers - guide to juicers.

Basically, the best domestic juicer on the market is the Omega VERT VRT330 Masticating Juicer.
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I bought a Greenstar juicer years ago (I think they're still made). While you won't get 0% pulp from any juicer, you will get drier pulp. The pulp from the Greenstar is pretty dry, and it juices anything and everything. A lot of money to buy, but well made and does a wonderful job.
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Response by poster: I guess my question is what comes closest to 0% pulp.
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Can't you just run it through a strainer on top of your glass?
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Best answer: I have a Breville BJE510 or the next model up from it, and it is almost zero pulp other than a bit of that frothy-kind on the top.

Amazon suggests in the US$200 range.

I use mine regularly and I'm not a huge pulp fan either.

It's easy to clean, I suppose, based on the other juicers I have seen.
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Have you looked at Omega J series? Its not pulp eliminating per se but will doe xactly what you want. They have vertical series too but J series performs far better than vertical series. Check out YouTube videos for demos.
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well the norwalk is amazing because i'm in the same boat as you. it's obviously way out of your price range but you can get a masticating juicer and then a heavy duty hydraulic press.
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Best answer: I use a BrevilleĀ® Juice FountainĀ® Plus and buy a couple of polyester paint strainers $2 , 100% juice 0% pulp
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