It's the 20s, help me roar
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I have a week to buy a good period costume. Help!

Next weekend I have a date to a 20's period costume party, with a British Shanghai theme. I'm a normally-sized male in NYC. I'd rather buy something good that I can use again as these parties are somewhat frequent. Money isn't too much of an issue, but of course there are limits.

Ideas for what to get, and where to go in NYC would be greatly appreciated.
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Ebay "buy it now" is always an option, as is etsy, but you'll have to get in touch with them TODAY.

If it's turning out too hard to get something in a week, I recommend making do for now, and splurging on something more period accurate for the future.

I go to a lot of costume events, and there are clearly two camps- the folks that give a nod to the era, and the folks for whom period accuracy is paramount. Everyone is generally just fine with the first option, so long as you don't act like you think you're being accurate. In the long run, you'll want something more period accurate, is my guess (if for no other reason than the mid? late? 1700s through the 1920s had fantastic, sexy, and generally uncomfortable styles for men.)
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