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DISNEY FASTPASS HELP: I need a FastPass Plan for my Disney World Trip.

So here is the breakdown: We are a family of four. Two kids, 6 and 2. We are staying at a Disney property for a week and have park tickets for each day per the Magic Your Way plan that we bought. So we are looking for any kind of a FastPass plan for each of the parks. I like prescriptive types of plans like "as you enter the park, go here and grab this, and then go there, etc..." We are Disney Noobs, so we have no favorite rides yet. We only have the age/height restrictions of our kids. We also realize that one parent will probably be escorting the 6 y.o. onto some rides while the other waits with the toddler.

Also, I read a trick that someone used where he said that he bought a second ticket and re-entered the park so that he could get two fastpasses at a time because he had two admission tickets for that day. I'm wondering if this would work with the tickets that we will be given at the Disney resort that we are going to. Anyone ever tried anything like this?

Any other tips for fastpass for a Disney amateur? Thanks all!
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Get the Unofficial Guide. It has a bunch of plans of the type you're talking about, which are designed to be clipped out of the back of the book so you don't have to lug the whole thing around. We've used it with great success.

It also has information on how to best use the fastpass system in general.
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When are you going? Do you intend to do thrill rides?

Whatever you do, get there when the parks open and for any Extra Magic Hours you can. You can then take the afternoons off.

When you go to Disney Studios, go immediately to Toy Story Mania. You'll know where it is because everyone is going there. Wait in line to ride it once and get FASTPASS tickets for it again (one parent can get the tickets while the other waits in line. Don't go inside, they won't let you meet up with your party inside, just wait at the door). If you want to go on the roller coaster or the Tower of Terror (drop), you can get them later. Toy Story Mania is the most popular here. The other parks depend a bit on the thrill ride situation.
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Response by poster: Going this summer. Thrill rides are cool if one of the parents can take the six y.o. (typical height). Thank you for the heads up on the Toy Story Mania! We are on it.
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Seconding the Unofficial Guide. You can also go to the website it's affiliated with, TouringPlans.com to see the Crowd Calendar (if you have the book, you can get it at a discount) and know which park to do on which day. Another good source is AllEars which has all sorts of information about the parks.

Otherwise, tips from a native:

Heads up - the old system of where you could grab a pass and come back at anytime after your window was up is no more. Disney has begun to crack down on this, and if you come back outside your hour window to use the pass, you will be denied.

In general:

Magic Kingdom - Peter Pan's Flight, Dumbo, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain are the ones you're most going to want to make sure you Fast Pass. I strongly recommend hitting Peter Pan, grabbing FastPasses for it, and going over to Dumbo. Ride Dumbo, and when done use your pass to ride Peter Pan. Use the same method for Splash / Thunder Mountain. Have one adult hold all tickets and walk quickly ahead of the group, if possible. Don't worry about Pirates, at night, it's a walk on.

Epcot - Test Track will be down, so Soaring is the big draw. Go there first, grab your Passes, and the rest of the park shouldn't be too bad. If you need to cool off, ride the Energy Adventure - it's about an hour, all sitting, all air conditioned.

Studios - Seconding the Toy Story recommendation.

Animal Kingdom - Jungle Trek, Everest, and Rapids are the main draw for rides. Go, grab Everest passes then ride the Jungle Trek. The animals are most active in the mornings. Come back and ride Everest, then the Rapids. See a show to dry off.

Speaking of drying off - it's the summer. It will rain daily. Use this as a crowd clearer - if you're not afraid of getting wet, it's a great time to get on a number of rides fast.

Enjoy yourself, make sure you take time to relax. Oh, and if you haven't done so already, make your dining reservations now if you intend to eat at the sit down restaurants. Good luck!
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Note that WDW is now enforcing return times on FastPasses -- they didn't before this spring, so some touring plans may be outdated in the sense that they tell you to grab a pass and come back anytime after the return time. You can no longer count on being able to do that.

TouringPlans.com is run by the Unofficial Guide people and has some very specific plans, including variations for time of year, standard vs. Extra Magic Hours and the ages of your kids. It is a pay site. Tour Guide Mike, also a pay site, has a bunch of plans as well.
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First off your best bet is get there for opening.Especially disneys hollywood studios. Toy story manias fastpasses sometimes can all be gone an hour after opening.

Soarins fastpasses can be come back at 7pm by 2 hours after opening.

For all parks your best bet is to get there at park opening. You can then ride the popular rides first before a huge line forms.

Since you have younger kids. Go for park opening and head straight for peter pan at magic kingdom. That ride can get LONG waits.
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Also going for park opening works wonders if its the summer. you can ride all the big rides by 12pm or 1pm and be in the pool back at the resort by the time the heat kicks in.
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Definitely get there before the park opens and do the aforementioned popular/low throughput attractions. Then return to your hotel to let your kids relax and crash. Save the evening for doing a few repeats of attractions where you can get a fast pass and do the things like parades, large capacity shows and evening spectacles where you won't have to split up your party.
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You should really, really be on DisBoards.com. The accumulated Disney enjoyment maximization wisdom available there is mind-boggling.
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Yeah, disboards is for you-specifically, their theme parks attractions and strategies board. Stalk them.
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