I've watched The Killing, should I see Forbrydelsen?
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I've accidentally watched the American version of The Killing instead of the original. Is it now worth watching the Danish (Forbydelsen)?

I downloaded the American version accidentally--and then thought I may as well see it through and watch the first season. I liked it, and intend to watch the next season. Is it worth watching the Danish one as well? I know the plot is quite similar...
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Best answer: Personally, I much preferred the Danish version to the American remake. They diverge greatly after the first few episodes so it makes it worth while to stick it out. The Killing actually is very weak compared to the original. The second season of the Forbrydelsen is even better than the first IMHO. A 3rd and final season is currently in production to be aired in Denmark starting in September.
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Best answer: Yes! They are different. I don't typically go for that sort of thing but really enjoyed Forbrydelsen.
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Yes. I watched Forbrydelsen and episodes of the killing and I prefer the Danish one. Keep a look out for Borgen as well.
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A friend who doesn't watch a huge amount of television first recommended the Danish version when it was broadcast by the BBC here. I borrowed the DVD set from my local library and found it absolutely compelling (and this from someone who used to hate watching subtitled programmes!). I tried to watch the US version, but found that I couldn't give it a fair viewing as it was too soon after watching the original and it just didn't feel 'right'.
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I watched the Danish version and loved it. I have the American version and I can't decide whether to watch it or not. Maybe I'll wait a while and watch it later.

As for the second Danish season, I am having a lot of trouble with the subtitles, even though it is labeled "improved English subtitles" (or something like that). I'm not sure I understand the political issues, because the verb tenses are so bad that I can't figure out if someone has already done something or is being asked to do it, or to NOT do it. And it seems to be translated pretty literally, so idioms aren't working either.
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My opinion is that the original is about 4 hours too long and the American one about 3 hours too short, assuming you're talking season 1. The original is superior, however.

Do you need to watch original if you've seen the American? Depends on why you want to watch it. If just for entertainment purposes, I say no. If you're studying writing or storytelling, yes.
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Another vote here for the original Forbrydelsen.
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Also keep an eye out for the bridge (Bron/Broen) set between Denmark and Sweden. I liked that one a lot as well.
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