Music similar to Moanin Mambo by the Mingus Big Band
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I'm looking for music recommendations similar to The Mingus Big Band playing Moanin' Mambo.
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Maybe explore these hard bop albums? Quite a few on that site include sample MP3s. I immediately thought of Clifford Brown but it's not quite as fluid as the song you linked.
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I was thinking of posting exactly the same question, except with this version! I'll be watching the answers you get, because try as I might I haven't been able to find anything quite like this track. Mingus was one of a kind, and his version of Moanin' was too.

Of his other music, Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting has some of the same style. Cryin' Blues is much slower, but when it gets going it's great. There was also a post on Eric Dolphy a few days ago that you might find interesting.

The only other thing I can think of is Angelo Badalamenti's Red Bats With Teeth (from Blue Velvet), which is quite different but has some great crazy saxophone. Good luck!
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Well if you want to stick with Mingus Haitian Fight Song, and Tensions share the "building chaos on a riff" thing and pretty similar feel. Boogie Stop Shuffle also builds on a riff, but isn't as chaotic sounding.

Dave Holland's Big band has some tunes that are pretty heavily influenced by Mingus, particularly on the album "What Goes Around," can't find any good recordings on Youtube for that though.
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