What website am I looking for?
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Help me find a find a technology review/buying guide website I stumbled onto several months ago. Instead of giving you reviews for a bunch of different products, it simply picks the best product in a category and recommends that one (very similar http://www.justbuythisone.com/, but based in the US). What is the site I'm looking for?

It launched about a year ago and when I saw it, there were reviews for computers, stereo speakers. It was also feature very contemporary, high-end design aesthetic.
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Best answer: wirecutter?
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Almost certainly wirecutter, but hopefully someone else has another to recommend.
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Wirecutter, as mentioned above is the first that comes to mind, but if you are looking for computer storage, the leaderboard at storagereview.com [http://www.storagereview.com/best_drives] is a good resource that I often recommend.
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