Wedding reception venue in or near Stamford, CT
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We're looking for a low-key wedding reception venue in or near Stamford, CT. It should hold 30-45 people. And, uh, we're getting married this July.

Here are our needs:

1. Space for 30-45 people.

2. Food and drink (but we could supply those ourselves; getting the actual space is the most important part).

3. We're getting married on the morning of July 21, and we'd like to have a get-together later that day--afternoon, evening, whenever.

4. Most of our guests won't have cars with them, so we need something that's either in Stamford or accessible by train (but if train travel is required, a short [<20-minute] trip would be preferred).

5. We have very little interest in spending a ton of money and/or having a reception that screams "THIS IS A WEDDING." We just want to eat and drink and chat with the folks we love.

Do you have any suggestions for venues that might fit the bill? Or are we going to have to cram all of our friends and relations into our apartment and hope for the best?
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Is there a local VFW or American Legion hall you could try?
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Best answer: I don't know Stamford so this is general advice not specific advice, but when I had a similar event we looked at restaurants that had large "back rooms" or whatever that they are willing to rent out for private parties. Or even small restaurants that wil let you rent out the whole place . There are a lot of these, and 3ish months notice is usually plenty for them. I've found the Chowhound forums very useful for finding these places -- here's their Southern New England board -- you may be able to search for rooms in Stamford for large groups
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I once went to a family party at the Loading Dock in Stamford.. The venue was really nice and the staff was helpful.
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It's too bad that part of CT is so devoid of State Parks; in other parts of the state that's what I'd look at first. I don't know Stamford particularly well, but have you looked at what kind of facilities the city beaches have? Or maybe the arboretum? (Though that might be expensive, they don't list prices.) And there are all those hotels and restaurants near the mall, some of them must rent out rooms. If the location in your profile is wrong and you actually live in Stamford, then you know all that and can just ignore me...
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Also, I went to this restaurant about 6 months ago. The Market. It may not be what you are looking for, but it is convenient to the train and there are many other restaurants on that block.

I don't know Stamford that well, but I am sure there are restaurants that would have an outdoor area that would be perfect for 35-40 folks. Also, as DestinationUnknown said, I would consider a public venue. Is there a public golf course that would rent there clubhouse room for the night? I think I went to a party in Westport once that did that.
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their, not there
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Best answer: Depending on your style, Dragonfly Lounge is very chill but also fancy enough for a special occasion. They have interesting seating, a wide variety of drink/food options, and a private room for parties.
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Is there a public golf course that would rent there clubhouse room for the night? I think I went to a party in Westport once that did that.

Longshore maybe? When I was looking for Stamford beaches I found this place, which seems like the equivalent. The difficulty with that kind of place in that area is everyone and their brother gets married there. So maybe too late to book for July. And the Stamford one appears to be private, though there might be other similar places that aren't.

If you haven't seen it there's this Connecticut Bride thing from CT Magazine, if that helps.
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Barcelona Restaurant has really good tapas and a private room that would fit your guests.
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Best answer: There's a pavilion at the Cove beach, if I recall correctly, but you're on your own for catering.

Both the JCC and the Italian Center rent out their spaces without any question as to your religious affiliation, and you don't have to be a member (although if you are a member, I bet you get a discount).

If you're looking for proximity to the train station, you might want to consider the Marriott or the Holiday Inn downtown. Both have nice meeting areas, have catering, and are a nice walk from the trains (about 2-3 blocks, depending on construction). The Holiday Inn is a little more lo-key, if that's what you're seeking.

If you wanted to have a little fun with it, you could have your guests take the train up the coast another 3 stops, and get off right outside the Norwalk Aquarium, where they have a catered guest area for parties. It's cafeteria-type food, but ironically, they have some fabulous sea-food. Parties always come with free admission to the Aquarium, IMAX theater, and (IIRC) personalized tours.
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BTW, Summer street in Stamford is a hotbed of restaurants with fancy party rooms.
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If you don't want just a restaurant, Bank Street Events be a good place to check out. I had my wedding there, but they also do corporate parties and low-key type events.

If you do want a restaurant, check out Napa & Co just a couple blocks away.

Both places are short taxi ride from Stamford train station.
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