Transport 30 people in Chicago half a mile
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I need to transport about 30 people half a mile in downtown Chicago very cheaply. It seems like the cheapest thing to do is just get 10 cabs since it's expensive to hire a bus or party-van-thing for one short trip. I was wondering if anyone had any different suggestions or have tried to orchestrate something similar.
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As someone who lived in Chicago for years - I would never use vehicles to go 1/2 mile in downtown Chicago (that's only 4 city blocks). Why not just walk? The few people who are truly unable to walk can catch a cab (although they will spend way more time catching, riding in, and paying a cab than it will take to walk).
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Have able-bodied people walk and send the rest in cabs. I see wedding in your tags; I had to walk about that amount at a recent wedding and it was fine. Fun, even--all the guest were getting to know each other.
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Is there any reason why they can't jus talk? By the time you have had 10 taxis arrive, filled, travel half a mile and then people getting back out the other end you may be better off letting them walk.
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Can you borrow a friend's minivan or SUV? I would tell the guests to walk if they want to, and if anyone wants a ride, you will be running a ferry service with the vehicle. rather than several cars for one trip, do several trips with one car.
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With the wedding tag, I can see why you wouldn't want to have people walking -they're all dressed up, it may be the hot summer time, and people don't want to get sweaty, women are wearing high heels, etc. And I can totally appreciate that, I wear heels most of the time, and I would thank you for the consideration. But, if you warned me that there was going to be a walk from the ceremony to the reception, or some other part of the wedding, I would be fine with it, and adjust my footwear. Is that an option?
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Have you checked out renting a city bus? Here in Ottawa, you can rent a city bus as a shuttle...
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Or...taking a city bus?
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One thing I've done for things like these is call the cab company in advance and see if they can either send minivans or full-sized vans/buses like you'd use to haul people for an airport shuttle.
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I love the idea of everyone in their finery getting on a city bus, but the walk to and from the bus stops could easily be more than half a mile, even downtown.

Have you checked with Chicago Trolley? They do private charters.
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Also, check out limo companies. Some of them have buses with posh interiors that would be suitable for a wedding. Like this.
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2nding checking with Chicago trolley. They live for this kind of thing. (though if it were me, I'd have them walk and print up a "can you find" competition card to make it more interesting). You say downtown Chicago, so I'm thinking somewhere along Michigan Avenue. Plenty of eye candy along that route.
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Public transportation is both cheap and efficient so long as you're not headed to the South Side.
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While it's nice of you to try and plan for them, as a native chicagoan and non-driver, this is a really short walk and cabs are available all around. I think provide people with a paper map with walking and bus options and let the few who want to hail a cab.
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