Buy fat in Philly?
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Where can I buy lard and/or beef tallow (to eat) in Philly? Italian Market, right? Is there a butcher you really like and trust that you can recommend? If I want to get some today, by what time do I have to get over there?
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In many of the supermarkets near me in New England lard is right on the shelf next to the butter and butter substitutes. Snow Cap Lard is the most common brand.
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Personally, I'd only go to the Italian Market if I were already nearby; I've gotten burned with crappy purchases there.

Instead, why not go to the Reading Terminal Market? Here's the listing of butchers there. I have always been pleased with my purchases from the Terminal Market. Plus you can go to 12th Street Cantina (yum).

(Lived in Philly for 5 years, miss it terribly, and SO's family were Italian grocers in South Philly!)
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Don't buy hydrogenated lard, like Snow Cap, if you can buy fresh lard from a butcher and render it yourself.
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If you can, get "Leaf lard," which is lard from around the pig's kidneys. It's considered the best stuff.
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I had good experiences with some butchers at Reading Terminal Market. The ready made food is touristy and generally sucks, but the butchers were knowledgeable and had some more "out-there" stuff like pig knuckles and great osso bucco. The one I used to use was closest to the entryway that's in the tunnel, right across from a really big vegetable vendor. I'm pretty sure it was called "Giunta's Prime Shop." There are other butchers in RTM that might be good - call ahead as soon as possible and see if they have what you're looking for and when they close.
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Response by poster: I was googling around more, and apparently mexican/latino grocery stores usually have lard. Does anyone know if it's hydrogrenated? I called all the butchers at reading terminal, and I also called Whole Foods. No luck. Thanks for everyone's suggestions so far.
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Response by poster: Whoops, nevermind: The Fair Food Farmstand at Reading Terminal has tallow.

Thanks, everyone!
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Have you looked at your local grocery store? It may be labeled as manteca (the spanish name for lard)
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There's a halal butcher on 24th and Lombard who will probably cut you off some back fat.
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I'm later here, but if you go by the italian market and talk to Sonny at D'Angelo he can probably hook you up. Be forewarned, he can be a grouch.

Yelp - D'Angelo Bros.
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