Help me wipe my iPhone for an afternoon so that I can restore it afterwards
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I need to use my iPhone 4 for an app demo tomorrow afternoon, and I'd like to wipe all of my personal data for the demo and then restore it afterward.

Best practices, tips? Is it really as simple as making sure to back it up before I wipe it?
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Do a full sync first.

Then, when you're satisfied that everything is nice and backed up, do a factory restore. Have the phone connected to your computer via the USB to dock connector cable. Hold down both the sleep button and home button until the phone powers off. Right when the screen goes black, release the sleep button but keep the home button held.

The phone will boot into recovery mode and iTunes will tell you that the phone is in recovery mode. You can now do a restore from the OS image iTunes downloads and the phone will be a blank slate. iTunes will ask if you want to restore from a backup. Say "no" now, so the phone is a blank slate for your demo.

After the demo, do the same restore procedure again, but when iTunes asks if you want to restore from backup, say "yes" so it puts back everything that was there before.
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What bigtex said, but I'd like to add: take a copy of the backup before you start the first factory restore. Just in case. iTunes does like the minimalist look in its backup folder.
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Having spent a number of hours recovering my dad's corrupted iPhone address database, I would recommend doing a full sync, making a copy of that backup, then syncing AGAIN.

Just in case
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If you generally use iCloud for backup, perform one backup with iCloud backup turned on, then turn it off and do the syncing as described above.
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