Encyclopedia of idea generation strategies?
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Is there an encyclopedia or wiki of idea generation and decision-making strategies?

I've been working as a Scrum Master for my development team over the past few days, and I've noticed there's quite a body of idea generation and decision-making tools. I've found bits online, but wondered if anyone knew of books or more exhaustive wiki websites devoted to visual thinking and idea generation strategies.
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Not quite the same thing, but Oblique Strategies immediately come to mind. They are basically little flash cards to promote creativity. Each card has a short phrase or suggestion that you could potentially apply to the current situation. Or it might be radically inappropriate, but thinking about the problem that way will help get your creative juices going.

You can buy the physical cards, though numerous websites have versions of them as well. Here's one such list. I've always been fond of "Discard an axiom," but "Idiot Glee" is a particularly fun one personally.

The overall concept of lateral thinking might help you find more resources on this topic.
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Karl Ulrich's wiki is an excellent place to start, it is the readings and lectures for a class on innovation, idea generation, and design.
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You will want to check this out from the US Air Force. Amazing place to read and learn more about brainstorming and strategic thinking.

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Please check out Roger von Oech's body of work. He covers a lot of territory in this realm.
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