Sushi in San Francisco
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What are your favorite sushi restaurants in San Franscisco?

Bonus points if the restaurant offers wheat-free tamari sauce as a GF option. Thanks for your advice.
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Best answer: Ino, particularly if you're just there for the food and not for the service (as the many tender souls who wrote 1- and 2-star reviews on Yelp note).
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Response by poster: Thanks, that sounds perfect.
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Best answer: Akiko's is very good in the Downtown area. I also like Umami in the Marina, but it's more scene-y and less traditional. I'd imagine both offer wheat-free soy sauce but am not positive. Zushi Puzzle is another well-liked spot in the Marina.

If you are looking for GF asian food, you should really try Zadin in the Castro for gluten-free Vietnamese. So good! I can recommend other GF places if that's what your'e after...
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Best answer: Hotei in the Inner Sunset. Ebisu is perennially rated one of the best sushi places in the city, but Hotei is right across the street, nicer, owned by the same people, and serves the same sushi.
(Note that the lower Yelp reviews for Hotei are either by people who aren't rating the sushi or are idiots.)

Also Toraya.
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Best answer: Blow fish on 20th and Bryant, in the mission, is delicious!
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Best answer: Sebo is delicious (but a little pricy).

Sakana is fantastic and underhyped.
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Best answer: I love both Hotei and Ebisu. If you have more (a lot more) cash to spend though, I can recommend Ozumo .
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Best answer: I had dinner at Ozumo earlier this week. It was phenomenal. I had the Akebono and the Sekiwake.
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Best answer: Sushi Bistro on 24th and York in the mission is fantastic! Also in the mission there is Cha-ya an all vegetarian japanese restaurant.
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Best answer: I have not eaten at Sebo, but my sushi loving friend's ex's brother works there, and she was really sad about not being able to go there any more for a while after they broke up. The ex she didn't really talk about any more, so I take that as a glowing review.
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Best answer: Well I came in to recommend Sushi Bistro and Ebisu so since they've been both mentioned I'd just say they're both good picks. (BTW there's 2 Sushi Bistro locations and they're both excellent)
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Best answer: I have enjoyed the omakase at Ichi in the Mission.
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Best answer: Both Koo and Kazu Sushi in the Inner Sunset are quite good.
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Best answer: Live Sushi is also accessible from Market Street via the 19 Polk: get off at 17th, and walk one block west to Kansas. There's not much in the area to see or do after dinner, but the sushi is excellent.

Just down the block at 17th and Rhode Island, Whole Foods (!!) has opened a beer and wine bar; according to friends who have been there of an evening, it's a decent hangout, if you want a glass of wine after dinner. Also, these are just over the hill from my house. If you're going to be here, meetup?
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Response by poster: We went to Ozumo. Very expensive, but the hamachi rolls, yellowtail sashimi and garlic-soy edamame were delicious. They even have their own house sake. Thanks for all your recommendations.
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