How often do the major film studios release classic movies on blu-ray?
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How often do the major film studios release classic movies on blu-ray? Do any of them (Warner, 20th Century, Paramount, etc.) have a releasing schedules or even just noticeable patterns that would help know when my favorites (film noir, golden era Hollywood classics, etc.) might be available in HD?
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This is a more-or-less reliable release schedule site.
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The only noticeable pattern for any release is anniversaries (pretty much any multiple of 5 is a good marker), promoting of sequels/prequels/reboots/alternate universes, or upcoming films or remembrances of directors. Even then, none of that is a given for a release. More obscure titles may not even follow any pattern.

There's a number of sites with both schedules and articles that should give you a heads-up: (a fansite, not official), the previously-mentioned HDD, and The Digital Bits are just a few.
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Best answer: They'll lump works from the same director in together sometimes, for reasons I can't discern. Annie Hall and Manhattan -- arguably Woody Allen's two biggest movies -- were released on the same day. No other non-contemporary movies from his ouvre have been released yet. I'm also pretty sure that a few of the movies in the Mel Brooks box set that came out for the Christmas season of '09 were never released on Blu-ray prior.
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DVD Beaver is a great site in general (wacky site design aside), and they have a release calendar. Note that they cover blu-ray as well as DVD!
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