Affordable student health insurance in New York?
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I have recently lost my health insurance. While it is possible I will be reinstated to the plan I lost, which is provided in conjunction with my school, I need to be insured again ASAP, and I don't mind the possibility of doubling up on insurance for a short period of time. New Yorkers, do you know of any affordable (<$500 or so per month) plans I might be eligible for? I am a full time college student.

I will be speaking with student services at my school to see if they can help me to get reinstated with the plan I was on, but I need other options in the meantime.

Also, I am not eligible for insurance through Freelancer's Union.
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Have you looked at Healthy NY?
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Early 2011 when I was in between positions for a few months, I got coverage from Blue of California for less than $150 a month. I went through (not connected to them in any way), and spoke to well-informed agents who were able to find me a plan comparable to the one I had before (because I wanted it that way). I was able to keep my same doctor (although the copay was significantly higher). They honored all pre-existing conditions because I had no break in coverage.

This was in CA but I can't imagine it's all that different in NY.
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From my researching, healthy NY is the way to go in New York.
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Response by poster: It looks like Healthy NY is not an option for me. The specific reason I need to maintain healthcare coverage is that I have ADHD and need insurance which covers my medication, and on the Healthy NY website it says:
Because Healthy NY has a streamlined benefit package, certain services are not covered. Examples of those services include:

Mental health services, including treatment and medication for ADHD, depression, and anxiety
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You should try access NY and see if you qualify for medicaid. The income levels are very low (looks like as a single individual you have to make less than $8000 a year) and I'm not sure whether any student loans/grants you have would be factored in with your income, but it's worth a shot.
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Data point: Healthy New York subscriber here - none of my mental health services or prescriptions are covered. I buy generic Adderal through w prescription for about $130/mo.

Blarf, right? I wish I had a solution! Ask your campus health center - they may have leads.
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You'd likely be better off buying catastrophic coverage for less than a $100 and then paying out of pocket for the meds. Generic Ritalin costs me $35/month from Group Health here in Seattle. My omg-i'm-dying coverage is $90/month.
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Once again I'm going to suggest the Attorney Generals Health Care Help Line, it may be the fastest way for you to get your coverage reinstated. They will apply some regulatory muscle with your insurance carrier in your defense. In the experience of a few people who I've spoken with who have used them, they were able to get results quickly.
If all it was is a late payment, a phone call should have you reinstated very quickly. It would take longer to get a new policy with a new insurance carrier.
I had to do a reinstatement once, and they started up my insurance retroactively from the date that they had previously cut it off.
Oh, and I suggest calling them, it may be faster than using their online form.
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Response by poster: I've been reinstated on my old plan! Huzzah!

newpotato, I called the AG's help line, and was sent directly to voicemail. Thankfully, later that same day I found out about my reinstatement, so I won't need their help, but I'm really glad to have that resource in case I need it in the future.

Thanks, all.
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