What should I ask the former director of my first choice nursing program?
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What should I ask the former director of my first choice nursing program?

On Friday I have the opportunity to sit down for coffee with the former director of SFSU's nursing program--my first choice. Although she is no longer the director, she is still a member of the teaching faculty. What would you ask, given this opportunity?

About me, if it's relevant: I'm currently getting my prereqs out of the way at community college and plan to get my BSN from a California State University (ideally SF State). I'm set to start volunteering at a skilled nursing facility this summer, and I have also enrolled in a CNA training program and will be certified by August. I will hopefully transfer in Fall 2014.
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I'm a little confused but it looks like you're still planning to apply to the program. My suggestions are below with that idea in mind.

What is the vision of the nursing program?
How can I make the best impression when I apply?
Who would you suggest I introduce myself to?
Are there any assistantships and how can I maximize my chances of getting one?
What is the most challenging thing about the nursing program for the faculty?
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What percentage of your graduates from the 2012 have jobs lined up already (or what's your best estimate)?
How long did it take your 2011 graduates, on average, to find jobs?
What hospitals in the area tend to hire the most grads from SFSU?
What percentage of students didn't make it beyond the first year? The second year? (I'm assuming this is a 4-year program; if not, adjust those timeframes accordingly.)
Do most students work during school and if so, do you see most of those students successfully completing the program in 4 years? In other words, is it possible to work and still devote enough time to the program to be successful?
Tell me about the faculty. Are most professors tenured or adjunct faculty? How long has the average nursing professor been here? If several faculty have left recently, why?
What's the reputation of this school in the community?

I say this as someone who's graduating from a BSN program in seventeen days (hurray!). If you're not starting for over 2 years, and if this is a traditional 4-year program, then there's no way to know what the job market will be like when you graduate in 2018. Right now, though, it's pretty crappy. I graduated from a school in Kentucky, but we have several students trying to find jobs in California, and it's rough. It could still be rough in 2018 - who knows? If you're going into nursing because you love it and you're passionate about it, that's awesome - it's why I went into nursing - but go with your eyes wide open.
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