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Just got my laptop back from being repaired and now the recommended screen resolution is making it difficult to see anything written in it. How do I change this?

So, my laptop broke down about six months ago, I procrastinated a while about getting it fixed but finally sent it to be repaired a couple weeks ago. I'm not technologically proficient and honestly have no idea what went wrong with the laptop besides that it overheated and something melted inside, something to do with the graphics card and a cable connecting its components (? It was fixed by a friend of my husband so I don't have a paper stating what was wrong or what was fixed).

Either way, I got it back today and the screen, which used to be a comfortable 1200 x 800 definition (I believe), is now set to 1900 x 1080 recommended definition, which makes everything crispy clear but EXTREMELY small and therefore, makes it very difficult to read anything. I've tried setting it back to the old definition but that just gives me a bleary, blurry screen.

Anyone has any idea of what might have changed and how to fix it? The laptop is an Asus N73J series.
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That's...odd. Did they replace the screen entirely or something? Because I can't think of any other way it could now be displaying at a much higher resolution than what it as previously capable of.
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My first guess would be you need new drivers for your possibly new graphics card -- see if you can figure out what the card is or how to update the drivers.
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Response by poster: Odinsdream: Stop on, thanks a lot!
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