best way to sell tickets online.
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I am looking for a better way to sell event tickets online.

I help out/co-own a small art venue in a small town. We have been at it for about a year. Concerts, lectures, classes, etc. Max cap is 49 (ish). I book the majority of the concerts. I need to find a better way to sell concert tickets via the web without cutting into our revenue. We operate on no profit, but aren't in the red either. I have used in the past, which allows you to tack their fees onto each ticket. We don't have a website that has a storefront yet. I have tried Square up, but still have to collect the CC #'s, which make most uneasy. Are there any other creative solutions I could try out?
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Brown Paper Tickets?

Their fees are low and people can choose to pay for tickets using CC, Paypal, Google Checkout or Amazon Payments.
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If you have any sort of website at all, you can put a Paypal button up without creating a whole storefront. Paypal lets you create a "Buy Now" button for each unique item....a non-profit theater group I work with has used this to sell tickets to their shows. Paypal lets you set limits on the number of items, so you won't run out of seats. It's not as customized as Brown Paper Tickets, which I have also used, but it eliminates extra fees other than Paypal's usual CC processing fees.
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I was going to say Brown Paper Tickets as well. They give back to the community, seem to have low fees (from an end user perspective) and I generally get those from odd events, art shows, small concerts, ect.
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BPT or Google Checkout - you can set up a site through google (Google Sites? I feel like it's changed a couple times) make a little widget and BOOM! you're done.
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We're using Tixato and have been really happy. Of course, we mostly run free events, so it's pricing works out great for us.
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Also take a look at Eventbrite.
But 3rd-ing BPT.
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