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Does anyone know anything about Twenty-Two stories by J.D. Salinger, or more specifically this edition?

I came across this in a bargin bin and picked it up - except it has no ISBN and I can only find passing references to it on the internet. There's no mention on Ebay or other places I can usually glean information from. Anyone know what this is?
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It's an unofficial anthology of his twenty-two published stories that have never been collected into book form.
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Could it be this? ISBN number on webpage. It's also listed on Amazon.

Apparently it's an unauthorized, privately printed, and subsequently suppressed edition of Salinger's early stories.
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I read most of these online, last year I think? But I could not find the site.
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The edition I have has no ISBN, or at least it isn't printed on the book, but there is a mark on the last page that reads "train bridge recluse ninety-eight". It has a white sleeve with "Twenty-Two Stories by J.D. Salinger" printed on the front as pictured. On the back of the sleeve is a list of the stories and a short paragraph about them.
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Glinn, there was once a site that collected all the unpublished stories, as seen here on the blue. It seems to have been taken down since that post (although I seem to recall it still being extant at least two years ago), presumably for copyright reasons.
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One of the oldest digital texts on my harddisks is exactly that -- those 22 Salinger stories never republished in a book. Not that people never tried to publish them officially. Not that people have nor tried to sell them to me.

But, as I once wrote in a review of Salinger's Nine Stories, that collection could never have been called Eleven Stories, or even Ten Stories. Not one story in the Samizdat collections equals those that were officially published.
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Aaaand... this blogger seems to have also found the book you have. They write, About a year later, after searching interlibrary loan (which is an incredible tool), I found 22 Stories, a bootleg volume of Salinger's work published in 1998 in a run of 1,000 copies by Train Bridge Recluse.
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Ah! I should have googled "train bridge recluse." Thanks!
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Here's a copy for sale at a book dealer for $525, with a little more info.
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Huh. Whoa. Okay. Let's put that somewhere other than the kitchen table for now...
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I have a copy of the/a train bridge recluse edition, and it has a plain green cover with no markings. There are semi-transparent illustrated pages bound between the chapters with images of (iirc) trees, possibly in different seasons.

This is a fairly accurate image of the cover. The paper which says "train bridge recluse" and has an image of train tracks is not attached to the cover, it was included as a card/bookmark.
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ijsbrand, they WERE officially published, in places lake Harber's and the Atlantic.
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According to The Bananafish / list of unofficial publishings, the blue cover is the first edition, while the green cover is the second. That site also states:
This book began appearing all over the US in 1998, from garage sales and flea markets to book stores and mail-order outlets. Everyone I've asked said they "got a case of them from a guy traveling through town".
If you look around enough, you'll find a variety of prices listed. The lowest I've seen so far is $99 from an reseller, but elsewhere from $200 to $400 USD.
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