Good Psychiatrist in Frederick, MD
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Asking for a friend in need (adult, male): Good psychiatrist in the Frederick, MD 21703? Difficulty, takes Aetna.
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When I needed to find a child psychologist who would take our insurance, I got a list from the insurance company. This was before insurance companies had websites, so I must have gotten the list by asking on the phone and writing all the names that they told me.

I then took the telephone directory (yes, this was a few years ago) and worked my way down the list, calling every single office and asking if they were accepting new patients. Most were not. For a while I was almost despairing that there would be anyone at all, then I found one on the list who was accepting new patients. She was even conveniently located and had appointments available at a convenient time. She turned out to be just what we needed.

Good luck.
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I can't offer any help with the location directly, but I also have Aetna so I have the website of their directory. Best of luck to your friend.
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The difficulty won't be finding one that takes Aetna, they're pretty standard in the Northeast/mid-Atlantic states. The difficulty will be finding one that is good. Hopefully someone with personal experience can chime in.
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