Help me feed my coworkers to prevent them from mutinying.
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Where can I pick up coffee/breakfast for a dozen people before 6AM tomorrow in Japantown/Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco?

Staying in a hotel in Japantown. Hoping to pick up coffee/breakfast for a dozen sleepy coworkers before 6AM tomorrow and Friday (we have to be on site setting up for an event; breakfast won't be available there until closer to 9AM, and I'm afraid they'll revolt). Are there any 24 hour delis or diners, coffee shops/bakeries that open early, or bodegas within walking distance where I could get a dozen bagels/doughnuts and a couple of trays of coffee?
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Response by poster: Also: if there are any places that might deliver such things to a hotel at such an hour, that would be equally if not more fantastic.
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I believe there's a Denny's; not sure if they'd have transportable coffee, but if you speak to the hotel they might be able to work something out.

There's a thing I heard about called exec - it's a service in san fran that might be able to accomplish this. I got a beta invite not sure if they're open for public yet, me mail me and I'll see if I can get an invite if needed.
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There's a Safeway grocery store at 1355 Webster Street, just a couple blocks from Japantown. It opens at 6am and has a bakery. I imagine you could get bagels and spreads, muffins, donuts, juice, etc.

Bob's Donuts is a bit further and is open 24 hours a day.

For everything else, try Yelp!
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The Peet's at Van Ness + Bush opens at 5:30am (most do during the week, same for the one on Polk). Also: the unSafeway on Webster is terrible.
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Specialty's will cater breakfast and offers pickup or delivery. Their baked goods are good.
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Seconding Specialty's! They do consistently awesome breakfast baked goods and decent coffee, and are definitely a notch above Safeway and Denny's in quality.
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Seconding Peet's, but I would call them today just to make sure they have enough coffee brewing first thing. The Peet's-to-Go carton serves 12 and they give you all the cream, cups and sugar with it.
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... and their pastries are decent.
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Thirding Specialty's. SO GOOD.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! The concept of picking up food the evening before hadn't occurred to me in my work- and travel-induced haze. Ran by a supermarket (Nijiya, in case anyone's curious) two nights ago and picked up provisions.
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