More about Thunderbirds! And not the car or the email client
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Does anyone have any recommendations for books/websites/other resources about Thunderbirds? And I don't mean the car or the email client. I'm looking for anything at all about both the various Native American mythological traditions (Southwestern American in particular) or the cryptozoological urban legends about the things. My Amazon and web searches have, well, mostly gotten me cars, email clients, and turquoise jewelry.
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The Fortean Times has had small articles on thunderbirds (particularly a photo that many people remember seeing but nobody can find) - they have a researcher's index and archive somewhere (sorry I can't be more specific)
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This is a bit roundabout but I happened to have bookmarked a page of reference info on the supernatural figures from Neil Gaiman's American Gods and it says the UC Davis Native American Studies Program has good info on Thunderbirds and related topics. Perhaps you could shoot a professor there an email?
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I'm sure Cryptomundo has info floating aorund
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