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Spontaneous(ish) travel from two different spots? We're fun-loving, 20somethings queers.

My best friend and I are looking to take a spontaneous trip May 30-June 4th. We aren't attached to any particular destination, but cost is a factor. I'll be coming from DC, and she'll be coming from Austin. I've been trying to use all the usual travel sites, but I'm having trouble finding good deals/packages because we're traveling from two separate places.

I'd ideally like to go some place with beach or other fun outside (free) activities. We'd like to keep the trip to <$1000 total if possible, but we can find some extra cash if there's something perfect out there. What say you, Metafilter? Where should we go?
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One place I'd like to go at that time of year is the Thousand Islands region of northern New York state. Memorial Day might make it busy, but not everyone is out of school for the summer yet. There are some no-frills lodging options in the region. If you're flying to the area, one option is to fly to Syracuse, NY and drive about 100 miles north. It might be hard to reach the area and get around if you're not planning on renting a car.

There are some great free beaches on some of the islands near the Clayton, NY area, but they're not reachable by land. I have no idea what to expect in terms of water temperature.

There are numerous parks along the river that are free or require a small fee, and some locations have grills, fire pits, picnic tables, and occasionally campgrounds. Be prepared with sunscreen and mosquito repellent.
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For every question like this ever, I always say San Juan. It's my jam. In fact, I'm heading there tomorrow. Only 2 weeks ago, I found a $200 round-trip ticket from NYC and I'm just...leaving. Damn the torpedoes.

(PS - my friend in Austin was considering joining me and found a ticket that wasn't... too bad, but obviously wasn't $200.)

It's easy to get to, at least from the East Coast. It's fairly cheap to stay and eat there. (Although Puerto Rican food is kinda gross, except for a some places. Sorry, Puerto Rican friends!)

It has access to a Colonial town (Old SJ), so many beaches, and a rain forest. All the while, it still has a lot of the conveniences of the States. Oh, and it also feels like "Little Brooklyn," with a few delicious brunches, theater and music shows, and kickass coffee.

If you wanna do some serious wandering though, rent a car and do some laps around the island. I just booked one tonight for 6 days for only $102. Boom.
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(Ehm, just realized the question I linked to was about a vacation for under $2K. I can do it for about a third of that.)
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Check out ebookers for deals when you're traveling from two different places (choose Multi-City).
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If you want to blow all $1,000 on some killer meals I'd say come to New Orleans.
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I feel I should clarify that NOLA has great free stuff - live music all up and down Frenchmen St, all the architecture you can shake a stick at, ferry rides, street performers, etc. A ride on the streetcar is only $1.25 and the zoo and aquarium aren't that expensive.
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