T-Mobile prepaid in Brooklyn
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Now that the Galaxy Nexus is $399 unlocked, I'm thinking about buying one and getting T-Mobile's $30/mo. prepaid plan. I don't make all that many calls so the limited number of minutes is fine by me. I live and work in Brooklyn, and on account of that spend most of my time in the borough. There are some dated questions here that claim that service is spotty in Brooklyn— is that still the case?

I currently have Virgin Mobile's $25/mo. plan with a Motorola Triumph (which uses the Sprint network), both of which I would rate as "acceptable," but I have the budget for a better phone and plan so I am thinking about upgrading. On the other hand, I don't feel any particular need to double my phone spending, and it seems like most non T-Mobile prepaid plans with decent data cost quite a bit, so I'm pretty much only looking at T-mobile.
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If you want to use AT&T's network, you can go with Straight Talk SIM, which is also prepaid and is $45/mo for unlimited everything. (They offer both AT&T and Tmo sim cards).
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If you could wait till June, Republic Wireless is accepting new members to their private beta. You could give them a try. If you like it, keep it, else return the phone and terminate the contract at no charge (Confirm with them.)

I am on Pre-paid TMO and although I have no complaints about their service, I would love to have occasional data, especially when I am out in the stores shopping which is ridiculously expensive on pre-paid.
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