No More Please?
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Article about dropping politeness from email to achieve better results in the workplace?

I read an online article (within the past few months or so) about email etiquette and can no longer find it.

I may have found it via MetaFilter or elsewhere, but in the article, a woman wrote about her experiences when she forced herself to drop any sort of politeness from emails/requests to co-workers (no more "please" or "could you", etc.) in favor of short and direct, and rude (?) emails. The takeaway was she got far better results with this change.

I can't seem to find the article again -- does anyone have any idea what I may be referring to?

Appreciate any help/info.
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Best answer: I think is what you're looking for.
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Response by poster: Ah, that's it. Thanks. (That is a real "Thanks", not just being polite. :)
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