What cable modem do I buy?
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Which cable modem should I buy?

Turns out the 10 dollar modem I bought from Cox doesn't work with Comcast. So right now I'm renting one for 7 dollars a month, which I realize is akin to highway robbery. On the plus side, Comcast is preparing to roll out IPv6, and I'd like to get a chance to jump on that bandwagon in the home.

Can anyone recommend a cable modem? I barely know what features to look for in a cable modem, but my primary requirements in order are:

1. Comcast compatible
2. High speed internet ready (DOCSIS 3?)
3. IPv6 compatible / prepared

I have a WRT54g already that I can flash to be ipv6 compatible, so I think I just need a cable modem?
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I had problems getting a Linksys modem to communicate correctly with a Playstation 3. After searching online, I found out this was a common complaint.

So last month I got a Netgear (I don't know the model number, sorry) and it has worked perfectly.

Oh, and I use Comcast. This modem, which I bought at Fry's, says on the front which cable companies it is compatible with.
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Best answer: I assuume you've seen this: Comcast list of approved devices

When I was looking, there were only about two that fit the criteria of: DOCSIS 3.0, IPV6 ready, and something that I could actually find online. It's probably easiest to find the Motorola 6120/6121 online, but if you can find others, it might be worth a try. I've had no trouble with the 6120.
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er, 6121. But I'm sure the 6120 is fine too from what I see online.
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Motorola SB6120 or 6121 SURFboard are the gold standard.
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Response by poster: You know, I'd seen that site before, but hadn't noticed the search filters or sortable columns. Looks like I'm in the market for a SB6121. Bit pricier than I'd imagined.
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I went through a bunch of cable modems in the early years of cable modem technology, and it was a blessing to pay the $/month instead of having to replace the modem every time it went bad. On the other hand, my current one (moto 5100) has been working fine for years now, so I'm probably at the break even point on costs. At $7 a month, you break even in under a year. I would absolutely, definitely buy whatever brand/model units they are using on their leases.
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Definitely the Motorola SB6120/21.
Moto's Surfboard line has a rock-solid reputation for trouble-free service.
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