Can I (re)enter the Republic of Ireland from my home country with in 45-50 days of my last visit.
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I am planning on reentering Ireland (Republic) from the U.S. approximately 45-50 days after last visit. Will I have a problem.

I am a U.S. citizen traveling in a U.S. passport. Between Oct. 2011 and April 2012 I spent 125 days in Ireland (three trips). I did receive formal permission from Immigration to extend my last trip past 90 days. I want to return for 6 weeks beginning in late May. I have been impeccable in following the rules as we spend a significant part of the year there. I have submitted a formal request, and documentation, to stay up to a year but doubt if I will hear before I need to book tickets for my May visit. I have also emailed appropriate immigration authorities with this question and not received a response. I will be returning this winter for 4-5 months but the May visit is with my daughter who has a limited travel window.
I have searched, researched and re-searched the web without a clear answer as to whether I can return this soon.
I have read: 1) I can enter Ireland as many times as I want as long as I return to my home country between visits (which I did). 2) I can not stay more than 90 days with in any 180 day period, 3) I have to return to my home country for at least the length of time as my last stay in Ireland (which was 100 days).
It is possible there is no clear answer to this and it is at the discretion of the immigration officer on arrival. I will be taking documentation of financial self sufficiency, private health insurance and lodging. I realize this is quite a technical question but my last resort before purchasing tickets and winging it. Unless i discover it is clearly not permitted I plan on going--if turned away I am going to the UK to visit a friend for several weeks and will reschedule my daughters visit. Any clarification or specific anecdotal evidence would be appreciated. BTW, I did call the Irish consulate toll number re: Visa information and they said this is an immigration, not visa question, and they are unable to answer it.
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I can't comment on the specifics of your question with lengths of stays in Ireland, but would suggest calling the appropriate Irish immigration agency. Email is sometimes helpful, but you may find you have better luck getting a person on the phone (which can sometimes also be a challenge its self). Anecdotally, I had issues getting my study permit for Norway this year, and was worried about being admitted back into the country after going home at Christmas. I ended up calling the immigration agency and they were able to sort things out and answer my questions fairly quickly. Good luck!!
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it sounds to me like you've covered all the bases and I feel quite strongly you will have no issues whatsoever. To reassure you though, try calling someone like this, if I were you I'd ring Offaly or Monaghan at 9.30am, seriously, it will be a change from the issues they generally deal with. (Imams who need to stay long term for Halal beef slaughter).

Do not be surprised if they think you're overthinking a plate of beans though as generally you are not the profile that would trigger an immigration official's attenae. (I say this having worked with immigration officials, and Department of Justice when I headed up Tourist Victim Support at Harcourt St.)

Bonus points if you have some kind of Irish ancestry as there are lots of people who spend these kinds of periods of time doing geneological research.
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(sorry, last one should read Dept of Foreign Affairs on Stephen's Green) blushes...
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