Just how tall is 40 metres?
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Help me think of something famous or common that is approximately 40 metres tall.

My daughter is doing a project on sessile oaks, which can grow to 40 metres. One of the questions asks her to show something that is taller than the tree, something that is the same height as the tree, and something that is smaller.

We have taller (the Peace Tower of the Canadian Parliament Buildings) and smaller (her school) but I can't think of anything for the same size. Ideally it would be something that an average (Canadian) 9 year old would recognize, so either something super famous or something very familiar. I'd prefer it to be one vertical thing, so not, for example, three school buses end to end. In a pinch I will use a 12 storey building, but I would love something with more visual impact. Hope me, MeFites!
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a watertower or grain storage tank
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The statue of Christ that towers over Rio de Janeiro is 39.6m tall when you include the pedestal.
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If you don't need something permanent, the 2011 Japan Tsunami reached a maximum height of just about 40 meters.
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Horseshoe Falls (the Canadian side of Niagara) is about 53 meters tall. It's close, but still a bit taller.
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The Statue of Liberty is ca. 45 meters tall, if that's familiar to them from films and TV.
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Most of the Confederation Bridge to PEI is 40 meters above the water.
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Transmission towers (electricity pylons) range in size from 15m to 50m, although it's pretty common for them to be around 40-50m.
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The Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue in Mongolia.
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The space shuttle (the orbiter, minus boosters and tank) is/was just under 40m in length - which is height, when it's on the launchpad.
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In his first appearance Godzilla was fifty meters tall.
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Pipeski, I was super excited about your suggestion. Only it turns out my 9 year old has no idea what the space shuttle is. I'm speechless.
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The length from 1st to 3rd base is 39 meters on a regulation baseball field.
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The longest dinosaurs were around 40 meters long.

The tops of the RMS Titanic's funnels reached about 43 meters above water level.
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Got a dime? The main mast on the Bluenose was 38m.
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The Arc de Triomphe is 50m tall.
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it's not a direct answer to your question, but it helps think about sizes and such - the megapenny project (made by mefi's own)
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Wikipedia says the statue of liberty is 46 meters tall.
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Are you in Toronto? Wonder Mountain is 45m tall. Link
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Hey dimistree, great minds think alike. I just googled "40 m rollercoaster" and got Montreal's Le Monstre. I'm thinking that or perhaps the Confederation Bridge as suggested by brainmouse.

I'll see what the tree-hugging, shuttle-spurner says tomorrow and come back and mark a best answer. Thanks!
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An Olympic-sized swimming pool is 50 metres, and a blue whale is about 30 meters. (Via Wolfram Alpha).
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I'm to tired to do the math, but could you figure out how many stories would be in a building that tall? I think it's like 12 stories.
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