Manly things to do in London?
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What to do in London this Friday? My brother is coming to London for some male bonding and mantime. I haven't spent any time working out how to fill the day with fun.

The day starts with a wet shave at Geo. F. Trumper in Mayfair, which is already booked. Dinner at Roganic in Marylebone is also booked, although suggestions are always welcome for future reference. Everything in between is fair game, as is somewhere fun for a drink or two after dinner.

I have so far come up with a trip to Berry Bros and maybe Borough Market (although we've both been to BM a few times and are looking for something different ideally). And then... my inspiration is failing me.

I've lived in London for a fair old while. He has never lived in London but has visited a lot of times.

Likes: food, booze, cycling, outdoors stuff, interesting shops/markets, gadgets, wacky stuff, manly things.
Not so keen on: art, theatre, or anything overly cultural.
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Meatliquor, perhaps?
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Best answer: Oh, man, you will not have room for dinner if you eat at Meatliquor. But go for the cocktails. And before 5pm - or you will have to queue for 4999 hours.

Cycling? There's a 'cycle cafe' called Look Mum No Hands that I've heard good things about, and I think it;'s walking distance from Condor Cycles too.
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I went for a morning's worth of circus school at Circus Space in Old Street with some friends recently and we learned how to do a human pyramid, tightrope walking, and the trapeze. Amazing fun. They seem to have some spaces free this Saturday afternoon.

Failing that maybe a speedboat trip down the Thames?
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The Market Porter next to Borough Market is a fine pub, Vinopolis may be a good idea, but how much booze can you take?
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The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden is good if he's into gadgets, steam engines, etc. Lots of Victorian technology. Covent Garden usually has trendy shops and wacky stuff too.
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Best answer: If you're tired of Borough Market, maybe the Real Food Market at Southbank would appeal? It's open Fridays and the crepes, paella and japanese macaroons were mentioned in yesterday's food stall round-up in the Guardian.

I also hear the Imperial War Museum is great, if you like that kind of thing.
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I loved the London Transport Museum (as I asked this question) but be forewarned that if you go during "school hours" you may find yourself surrounded by hordes of shouting, hyperactive, overly energetic primary school students: not exactly the most calming atmosphere.
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Best answer: Definitely second Look Ma No Hands for cycling. Laid back, often with cycling races on the telly, cycling gadgets, magazines and good food.

If you're in East London, how about renting a canal boat for the day? Or even just a walk along the canal - though the weather is looking pretty bad for Friday at this point.

If you want to be indoors but sporty, how about a rock climbing lesson? The Castle has taster sessions on Friday.
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Best answer: The manliest thing I can imagine would probably be a trip to the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society near Farringdon. I'm not entirely sure if you have to be a member to drink at the bar, but it might be worth having a look.

I'm going to third Look Mum, mostly because of the local beers that they serve. I think they close at about 10pm on Fridays, but the place is always bustling, and is close to Old Street if you want to go out afterwards.

If you like "wacky stuff" you might be interested in taking a trip to either the Wellcome Collection or the Hunterian, although I would advise not eating before going to the latter.
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Is there a rugby match on this time of year? Any other sport that he wouldn't ordinarily get to see?

The Imperial War Rooms really are quite cool.
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