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Can you help me find Spanish-language songs covered in Portuguese, and Portuguese-language songs covered in Spanish? Bonus points if the singers and songs are Latin American, and if the songs are available on YouTube or Spotify.

I'll also accept songs originally written in a third language that have both Spanish and Portuguese versions, though it's not my main focus.
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I'll also accept songs originally written in a third language that have both Spanish and Portuguese versions, though it's not my main focus.

You can get your fill of Disney songs on Youtube and some Broadway showtunes, too. There are separate LA & Spain and Brazil & Portugal dubs for each film.
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Best answer: There are lots of songs that fit the bill but for some reason I can only remember a few.

He's from Spain, not Latin America, but Alejandro Sanz recorded an album in both languages.

Roberto Carlos is a Brazilian singer, here's some links to a big hit he had back in the day, in Spanish and in Portuguese. (Best intro ever, by the way). I be he has a ton more songs that he recorded in both languages.

Chico Buarque's song "Cotidiano" in Spanish and Portuguese
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The, for me, nec plus ultra of a Brazilian singing in Spanish, Caetano Veloso does Cucurrucucu Paloma.
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Wait, I just realized that's not what you want. Er, sorry.
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Dear god, I wish I had a better example than this, but here you go: Bomba in Portuguese and Bomba in Spanish.
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Just thought of another one, which is even more horrible than the last, because I had to suffer from both versions of this song for months this year: Ai se eu te pego in Portuguese (original), and in Spanish.
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Last one, I promise. Look up a Brazilian brother-sister duo named Sandy and Junior, they were really popular a few years back. They had tons of stuff that they recorded in Portuguese, Spanish and sometimes even in English.

(All of this music is pretty brega and does not reflect my musical tastes)
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Here's the classic Llorando se fue (Bolivian Spanish) and the Lambada (Brazilian Portuguese).
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Best answer: Carmen Costa singing Cielito Lindo in Portuguese (Tá chegando a hora)

Francisco Alves singing Besame Mucho in Portuguese (Beija-me muito).

Belmonte e Amaí doing Agustin Lara's "Solamente una vez" in Portuguese (Somente uma vez).

Songs in other languages:

"Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" by Bryan Adams was covered in Portuguese by Chitãozinho e Xororó and in Spanish by Il Divo.

Jacques Brel's "Ne me quittes pas" in Spanish by Angelica Maria and in Portuguese by Simone de Oliveira.
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I like forró, and one of my favorite groups is Aviões de Forró. They have a lot of well-known songs that were originally Spanish, but the one I like best is Estando Com Ela e Pensando em Ti (there are even some others from English songs, like Nathalie Imbruglia's Torn, but that's not what you asked for).
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Best answer: Ana Julia - Portuguese and Spanish versions by Los Hermanos.
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