zombie chicken
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I moved a frozen whole chicken from the freezer to the fridge on Saturday morning. It's Tuesday -- can I cook it for dinner, or do I need to chuck it?

Leaning toward no based on general meat squeamishness (also this chart, which, yes I know the government is overly anal about such things, but then again I'm well outside the 2-day window). Then AGAIN it wasn't a fresh chicken, it was fully frozen. It was also in one of those fully sealed plastic bag thingys, not just plastic-wrapped onto a butcher's tray, if that matters.

It's not the end of the world to toss it and pick up a new one at the store, but what would you do? HAVE YOU EATEN SIMILAR CHICKEN AND LIVED TO TELL THE TALE?
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Unwrap it, wash/rub it well with fresh running water, pat dry with clean towels, cook immediately. You're fine; I'd eat that and have.
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Best answer: I'd say you're lucky if it's fully thawed by now. Open the container, give it a sniff, and cook to 165 at the thigh.
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It probably needed 2-3 days just to thaw out. Just cook it to an internal temp of 165 and the juices run clear.
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Have done very similar -- I'd bet that if you take the temperature of the inside, it's still very cold, if not frozen in the middle. I'd happily cook and eat.
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Totally eat it. Chicken on the supermarket shelf sits out with longer sell-by dates than that and is commonly shipped frozen.
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I did this with a small turkey, thawed in the fridge for about a week.

Was tasty and suffered no ill effects.
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I'd eat it. Properly cooked, the chicken will be fine.
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I wouldn't even hesitate to eat it. I might start wondering tomorrow, and I'd probably chuck it on Thursday.
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Eat that sexy bird.
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Eat it. You'd be surprised how long a whole chook takes to thaw through. If you have any concerns make sure to cook it thoroughly.
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I eat white cut chicken, which makes western cooks very squeamish

Why is it squeamish making? Its very little different from the way Hainanese chicken rice chicken is cooked and which I've done.
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Your nose is a fantastic tool for determining the freshness of meat. Don't be afraid to use it.
I've learned in recent years that meat and eggs don't really stealthily go bad, they go bad with staggering olfactory aggressiveness. If the meat is in the fridge, and it looks good and smells good, it probably is.*

You're triply safe in this case. As others have said, it's probably hardly thawed.

*I know this would never cut it in a professional kitchen.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I feel like a real AskMe user now that I've posted my first "Can I Eat It?"
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Oh please...I've left it like that for two weeks and then cooked it. Give 'er the ole sniff test. As long as you don't smell ammonia or death, fire it up.
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