What's the deal with pecha kucha?
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I'm curious about Pecha Kucha. Can one use it in business (not just in design-y businesses)? What are some stellar examples? What's the best software to use? Or is this just all for fun?

The presentations I've found at Pecha Kucha's seemingly official home were less than inspiring. There was this FPP and this askme, but neither of them had legs. Googling it gives a very bad signal to noise ratio.
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Pecha Kucha's less designy offspring, Ignite, is very popular with software and marketing people. The software and enthusiasm ignite talks are usually pretty great, and the marketing ones are usually pretty terrible.
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I've provided tech support for several Pecha Kucha events in my area.

It's not "just" for fun, but I don't think you're quite grasping the extent to which it's intended to be a local live event, with essentially no oversight from the global Pecha Kucha organization. It's a "concept" more than a "structure", if you see what I mean.

Reading the PK FAQ might give you a better idea.

As far as I can tell, there are really only three reasons that Pecha Kucha is trademarked and that there's any kind of parent organization at all:

1) To have some kind of authority to ensure that the events are run by volunteers and not for profit.

2) To have some kind of authority to ensure that there's only one official PK organization in an area, reducing the chance of splinter groups, or of groups with some kind of agenda claiming the PK name.

3) A central website where people can find if or when there's a PK night in their area.

And that's about it - pretty much everything else depends on your local organizers and participants. The global org might provide some kind of help if a local PK group wants to do a live web simul-cast of an event, but I'm not sure about that. The PK group here has talked about doing a web-cast, but they've never actually done it yet.

Again I want to emphasize that really the whole purpose is to have a very loose concept around which to organize a series of live events in your area. The videos on the main PK website are (I'm pretty sure) just individual participants choosing to post their images and a recording of their presentation - it's really not the main purpose of PK. Do some searching around on youtube for "Pecha Kucha [city]" - I get about 40 results from "Pecha Kucha Amsterdam", so it looks like there's already a local organization near you. There also seem to be groups in Leiden & The Hague. Looking at these videos will give you a better idea of what Pecha Kucha is about, although if these pique your interest I'd really suggest going to an event in person.
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