Good books on 1960s rock?
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Good books or articles on 1960s rock?

Excuse my lack of music knowledge in this question.

I'd like to read a book that talks about the lesser-known bands and musicians known for producing the "party rock" of the 1950s/1960s. Bands like The Champs, The Gentrys, and others that you would put on the jukebox if you wanted to dance or "have a good time." (Sorry for simplifying.)

I'm not looking for an epic history of the Beatles or ALL 1960s rock, just something that might touch on what was considered party music.

I understand that maybe this genre was created recently for the sake of producing "party" mixes in the present day, but if anyone can suggest some good books/articles that would talk about the rise of this particular sound, that would be great.
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I think you're right: what you're talking about is one hit wonders that happen to have been released in the 1950s/60s (and possibly ended up on the Animal House soundtrack), rather than a coherent, separate genre about which books are written. So this recommendation isn't quite what you're looking for. But for me the best book about pop music in the 50s and 60s is Sweet Soul Music by Peter Guralnick.
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John Kovach wrote What's That Sound?: An Introduction to Rock and Its History. His weekly(?) radio show, Radio Rock, on WRUR has/had themed shows along these lines, if I remember correctly. You can try dropping him a line, because I'm sure he has lots of resources.
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I can't recommend this highly enough.

You might be able to find it in a library, or from a out of print dealer .
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Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era, I love this music and this only makes it better.

Ellen Willis, Lester Bangs, Robert Christgau, Greil Marcus, Nick Tosches
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