Gift Registry 360?
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Have you used Gift Registry 360? Can you share your experience?

The soon-to-be Mr. Rattery and I are thinking about registering on Gift Registry 360 because we like the idea of selection and we like that we could shop around to register at better price points. I wonder, though, if the service works as well as it claims to and would love for some anecdata. Some considerations:
1. we're in Canada, so how well does it work for outside US? is it a nightmare?
2. how did the not-so-tech savvy guests fare at using it? is it too alienating for older people not comfortable with the web?
3. I like the feature that allows you to say "I purchased this item somewhere else", but I wonder how many people would bother to do this step?
4. how did you tell people where you were registered? how much explaining did you do? (I know you're not supposed to include this info with the invitation, but -- aside from telepathy -- how do you get the message out? [and no, I do not have and will never have a wedding website])
5. any other rave reviews/grave concerns?

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I had never heard of this before, and my cousin and his fiancee just recently registered with it. It's pretty handy with the links to the B&M registries.. it was neat that it was all in one place instead of having to go to 4 different stores and hunt them down.

The information was printed in her shower invites (even though I think some frown upon that). For other weddings I've been to (unrelated to this one website) I think that word just comes down from the mothers/bridesmaids/etc.
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Are you going to use it to set up registries at brick and mortar stores, too? We used it , but I think most people used the actual registries that it automatically set up for us at target, macy's and crate and barrel. I don't think we got anything that was on the 360 list but not on one of those three lists. If anyone is not web savvy enough, they can still use the in-store lists, so set at least one of those up as well (from the 360 site, so they are linked).

how do you get the message out? [and no, I do not have and will never have a wedding website
We put it on our website, which was just a page on If you won't put it on the invite, then word of mouth (tell immediate family directly and they can spread the word) is the other option. People can just search for your name on a store's registry, so they may just find it.

how many people would bother to do this step
After our shower, we went through and removed anything that we got that was not marked as purchased. Maybe the buyer did it wrong, maybe the cashier did it wrong or maybe something else happened. No big deal. Either way, be prepared to get two of something. Save all of your gift receipts until you have finished the Thank You cards.
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