A taller-than-average desk
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Where can I get an attractive desk at least 80cm high in the UK?

This is for a home study, so ideally one that isn't ugly or looks like it belongs in a 1970s office. A large surface area is also desirable.

All the Ikea desks I looked at were too low, and also of rather poor quality. I rather liked the minimalist trestle+top combination at Habitat, but it's only 72cm high.

Budget is less than £500, and I am based in London. Thanks!
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Go to lower end antiques shops, I got an old desk and chair for £400 (IIRC, it may have been less, definitely wasn't more) and its a decent size, leather topped and with big drawers. I still love it. Don't forget your tape measure.
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Best answer: Ikea Galant desk legs are height-adjustable and will go to 80cm and beyond. I guess they aren't the prettiest but I've used mine daily for several years and its still in very good shape, I can't fault the quality.
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Response by poster: Thanks paulash, that'll do the job nicely!
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