Risks related to deep muscle bruising
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I was kicked by a horse on my thigh Saturday evening. It appears to be a deep muscle bruise and is still fairly tightly swollen. It is much less painful than it was yesterday and I can walk on it. After googling it, I am concerned about complications. Should I go to a doctor after this much time has elapsed?
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Yes. Deep muscle bruising can have complications weeks down the road. Call your doc in the AM and go get seen.
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One potential issue is a blood clot in a vein that can travel to a vital organ such as your heart. I recently had a leg injury involving significant swelling and after a week the doctor ordered a sonogram of my leg to check for clots.
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Why wouldn't you? What bad thing are you worried about happening if you see the doc?

Like worst case, the doc says "yeah you're good," and you feel a little embarrassed but also relieved, right?
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I came in here to say what JohnnyGunn said.
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You don't want to mess around with blood clots.

Horses kick for a reason: when they do, it hurts what they're kicking. In this case, that's you. I'd get it check out.
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I am concerned about complications.

Then go to a doctor, that's what they're there for.
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Yep. I had a stage 3 contusion from a sailing accident in 2003 that completely crushed my right calf muscle. I saw a sports doctor after a referral from my GP (who said "that's the worst contusion I've ever seen in my life. The last one I saw was a lady who got kicked by a horse in her thigh" - no joke). I had an MRI done to ensure there wasn't any clotting or calcification risks. My leg is fucked-up for the rest of my life (hi, awkward ball of calf muscle by my ankle) but I was ok.

Long, possibly irrelevant story short, see a doctor.
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I fell off a horse and got lightly kicked when I was eight; I ended up still having pain a while later and an x-ray (I think?) revealed I actually had a bone bruise and that it was more serious than we'd been considering. Not a huge deal at all, just a lot of extra rest as far as I can remember, but please do see a doctor!
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On the bright side you're actually doing pretty good for someone who got kicked in the thigh. I know lots of people who were walking funny for more than just a day. They all recovered just fine, fwiw.

Make sure you take lots of photos of that bruise to horrify and amaze your friends and future children, it's going to be the best one you ever have. All summer probably.
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Another condition that is a possible result from this kind of injury is

compartment syndrome.

I'd say it's prudent to get it checked out.
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Thanks everyone for your answers. I went to my doctor ASAP after your recommendations and an ultrasound found no clots. I did have a lot of muscle loss but I am building it back up again.
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