Recommend some turn-based mutl-platform mobile games
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Friends & I enjoy playing words-with-friends because it's a) asynchronous/turn-based, so we can play throughout the day without having to find times we're both free; and b) cross-platform, for android & iphone. What other games that fit those two categories should we try?
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Draw Something has been very popular lately.
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Questions. (See "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead".)

You could play it by electronic communication if you relaxed the "hesitation" rule.
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Chess with friends, too
I've seen some gamesnamed "X with buddies" to indicate that they work this way.
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Scramble With Friends. It is addictive even though I generally lose at it. It also seems to be heavy on the processor and battery.
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Hero academy.
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Uniwar meets both your requirements, though it is much more a strategy game than Friends with Words.
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There are Carcassonne apps on both iPhone and Android, but they are not cross-platform, and as far as I can see the Android version is local multi-player only.
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