Help Me Find a Photo of Jobs and Woz
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I'm a geek. I admit it. Help me achieve super-geekdom by finding a photo of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak that I can hang on my office wall.

I'm looking for a high resolution photo of a young Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak that I can hang in my office. I'm looking specifically for a photo of the two posing with what I think is the Apple I. Here's a low-res image of the photo I'm looking for. I also know that the photo was used as the backdrop for Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPad to the world in 2010.

I've done pretty extensive searching, but all I can find are low resolution images of the picture. I really would like to find a version that is at least 2000 x 1600 pixels so that I can print an 8"x10" at around 200 dpi. Higher resolution would be better, of course.

I'm willing to pay for a copy, and I've checked Reuters, AP, Getty, and UPI, hoping to find it in their collections. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere. So even if you can't find a high-res copy of the photo, finding who owns the rights might be just as good. Then I could at least offer to buy a copy.

The best lead I could find is a guy that sells copies of the photo autographed by Steve Wozniak. I've contacted the proprietor behind the website, and he either can't or won't sell me an unautographed copy of the photo. (Yeah, I know I'm being picky here, but as much as I admire Woz, I don't want to hang his signature on my wall.)

I hope your Google-fu is better than mine. Thanks for the help!
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Best answer: Maybe this information will help you out.
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Will the guy tell you if the photos are printed from original negatives?
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but you may be interested in this print.
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Best answer: If melissasaurus's link is correct, the copyright is held by Apple so things aren't looking good. There is a Joe Melena listed as the chief photographer for the Palo Alto Weekly (and a former photographer for the Peninsula Times Tribune) I'm guessing that's the same guy. You might try contacting him through the Palo Alto Weekly.
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Palo Alto Historical Assoc. has something similar.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help guys. If Apple owns the photo (as it appears it does) I'm probably out of luck. Guess I need to find a different photo.
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A kid named Jonathan Mak made a nice picture of Steve Jobs' silhouette in the apple logo, is that something you'd like?
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Sorry, I realized I missed the meat of the question!
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Not too difficult to get the autographed photo, scan it at a high resolution, photoshop out the signature, re-print and hang.
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Why don't you blow it up using a halftone screen? It looks moiré-y on screen but OK when printed out, and it's a neat optical effect.

Drop the lo-res version in Photoshop and convert it from grayscale to line art (Image ➔ Mode), play with different halftone screen settings. Print out a selected portion (like a face) on a normal printer and look at the printout from a distance to get a feel for it.
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