help me with putting address book into iphone
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frustrated for not being able to import address book contacts into my iphone. Seek kind help here

my limited knowledge on computer and iphone and my hours of searching the Internet didn't go anywhere, so I hope somebody here will give me a hand. I have just got an iphone, need to put my old contact info into it. I found that in my mac computer, I have address book, version 5.0.3. In it, lots of contact info, probably from my previous phones (palm and HTC, I don't really know how address book contacts were generated in the first place). I would like to sync this to my new iphone, but can't figure out how. Some website mention that there is icloud option at address book, but I don't have that, all I have for account is "on my mac local". I do see option of sync with mobile me, yahoo and google. But I know nothing about how those would connect to iphone. Some website mentioned "lion", I wonder if I need an updated version of address book. I also tried to export vcard out of address book, then in icloud, import vcard, but that didn't work. Anybody can kindly help me? Quite frustrated here. Million thanks
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Have you tried plugging the phone into your computer via USB and syncing via Itunes?
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tried that, iphone synced via itunes, but address book contact didn't transfer over
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Here's what I would try:

1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac. If iTunes doesn't launch automatically, launch it from the dock by clicking on it.

2. Over on the left side of the iTunes window you will see "Akomom's iPhone" or something along those lines. Click that.

3. The main iTunes window will change to show a kind of summary overview of your phone, and there will be a toolbar along the top with "Summary, Info, Apps, etc"--click "Info" there.

4. Check the checkbox by "Sync Contacts" and then hit "Sync" down near the bottom right corner of the window.
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You may have to manually tell Itunes to sync the address book data and how you want it to do it using the little check boxes on the sync settings when you plug the phone into the computer...try this.
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it worked, unbelievably simple and quick. To all I give a *hug* Thanks!
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