No more 6am texts, I beg you!
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I have an Android phone - T-mobile's MyTouch 3G Slide, to be more precise. How can I make it so when one particular contact text messages me, I don't get a sound or a vibration? I'm happy to download an app to make this happen, if there's not a native way.
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You can try Ringo. I think the free version allows you to set tones for individual contacts. Just set it to silent.
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There's a couple of ways you could go about doing this. I know you can set individual notification options in GoSMS, but I'm betting any of the major SMS apps can do that as well (Handcent, Chomp, etc).

If you only want it to be silent during a particular time frame), there are probably apps that do that as well. I know you can setup Tasker to do it, though it may not be the easiest way to do it. For Tasker, you'd setup a new context using a time (midnight - 8am example) and an event (text from that contact) and have Tasker turn the notification and vibration off. Tasker's a pretty powerful tool and is correspondingly complicated, so it may be overkill for this.
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In contacts, tap on your contact, then hit Menu. Options. Ringtone. That probably sets it for incoming calls. it might be for text messages too. Try it?
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SMSPopup allows for contact-specific notification settings (most simply, you can have a default notification for everyone, and then turn off notifications for specific users). Very easy to use (and in my opinion, greatly improves SMS stuff in android overall). If you go this route, make sure you turn off the default android SMS notification stuff.
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I have the same phone - I'll try a few things and report back
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GoSMS with its individual notifications is probably going to be your best bet. I use it quite a lot.
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Based on your title it sounds like they call or text late at night or early in the morning. One phone-wide alternative is "Sweet Dreams" which can silence the phone between certain hours.

In addition it can be set to only do that when you are at home, to wake up when moved and to wake up when it heards a loud sound.

As I said, it's phone-wide rather than contact specific, but might be worth a shot - especially as its free.
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Not sure if this will help you, but I made a silent ringtone that works on iPhones. If you can use .m4r files on your phone, message me and I'll send you a link to the file.
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Seconding SMSPopop. It's certainly one of, if not the best notification-customizing app availble on Android.
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I don't understand why you just don't put the phone on silent when you go to bed. Alarms ignore this setting if you're worried about using your phone as an alarm clock. Yes, this will turn off sounds from all contacts until you wake up and take the phone out silent mode but I assume your issue is being woken, not who's doing the waking.
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