A good re-shipping service in the UK?
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I've ruined two of my favourite shirts and am desperate for replacements from Uniqlo. Sadly, they won't ship outside of UK and I can't go right now. Can you recommend (or do you know of) a reliable UK service that I could use to forward my package to Finland? I've previously used Shipito with US-only vendors and was hoping for something similar.
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This is not the answer you're looking for but I was literally in exactly the same position, and all the alternatives I could find in the UK were either kinda sketchy seeming, or so expensive as to render the exercise nearly pointless (like, over $50 bucks for shipping for a couple of shirts to Australia, total rip off if you're familiar with royal mail rates).

It was frustrating and annoying. Perhaps a kind UK mefite will take pity on you.
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I'd be happy to do this - you could post the package to my work and I can pop to the post office on the way home easily enough - but the turnover on the high street here is so high that it's unlikely you'll find an exact replacement anyway. I wanted to stock up on their scoop-neck tees with the puff sleeves and get another red lacy tank - they don't sell these this year.
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I too have the Uniqlo-blues. I mailed them earlier this year about when they'd finally ship to mainland Europe but got a non-committal "we're looking into it" back from them. Meanwhile, my favorite pair of chinos are quietly disintegrating.

I don't mean to cause a pile-on, but mippy: does your offer include others? (namely, me)
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It seems mippy has you covered, but as a data point, I just read about AlphaSent yesterday. Its sole purpose is to help people receive purchases from UK companies when the stores won't ship to their locales. Timely question -- as it was the last thing in my browser from last night! :-)
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Uniqlo UK mention in their FAQ that they "are hoping to expand our shipping options to include Mainland Europe in the very near future". Not holding my breath, however. I visit London a few times a year, and always include a Uniqlo pilgrimage.

Anyone have experience of AlphaSent?
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No experience, but a little playing with their quotation tool (assuming a 1 kg 10 x 10 x 10 cm cube) shows a minimum shipping charge to Qatar of about £23. You'd have to want the stuff pretty bad.
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Response by poster: Thank you for your tips and sympathies. AlphaSent's calculator suggested a rate of approximately 40 euros which is steep for a couple of shirts but not unbearable if one can put together a group order of some sort. Still, I feel I just might have to take your incredibly kind offer, mippy. First I'll have to check with the Uniqlo people whether or not they will be re-stocking their button-down oxfords any time soon. It seems to be mostly linen for the summer.
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