Seeking group therapy/support groups/non-profits for family members with brain cysts.
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I'm seeking group therapy/support groups/non-profits for family members with brain cysts.

I have an older sister with an arachnoid cyst located on the frontal lobe of her brain. It has caused brain damage to the extent of a learning disability and psychological problems ranging from OCD, depression, anxiety, minor schizophrenia, and occasional body mutilation.

She's highly functioning, but at the same time I have passed her in psychological development and been having a difficult time for the past 4-5 years dealing with the dynamics of her/my relationship, family dynamic, etc. It's a very unique situation and especially as of recently, I'm finding it hard to relate to people, seek advice, etc.

I've talked to a therapist before, which was helpful for me personally, but still I feel as though a group might be more beneficial. There's more of a community out there I guess it's just really hard to come by them.

Does anyone know of a support group/group therapy/activism groups related to cysts in the brain? siblings with psychological disabilities? Or any other groups that you find might be resourceful?

My family is based in the Greater NYC area: Long Island (Suffolk County).
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I don't know of any specific groups, but I think you would be very likely to find support groups for family members of people with traumatic brain injury (TMI), which is essentially what you are describing, both in cause and sequelae. I would look for those more general types of groups rather than cyst groups specifically.
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TBI, not TMI. Heh.
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That's right! Oops.
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