Rent a BMW 3 or equivalent in NJ
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Want to rent a BMW 3 or equivalent when I am in NJ. Pick up Newark airport or any other NJ location within 60 miles of Newark Airport. I found websites that rent out exotic cars for like $2k a day. I am not looking for an exotic car. I just want something like a bmw 3 or audio a4 etc. Can anyone recommend a site or rental company? I can look up the rates but if you know them then feel free to mention it. Thanks!
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Not sure what you mean by "equivalent", but generally the major rental companies have luxury cars of some sort... I just spot-checked Hertz at the Newark Airport location and you can get a Mercedes E Class for $170/day (for some random May weekend), a Mercedes SUV for a little more...
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Enterprise rents BMWs at some of their California locations so you might give them a call and see if any NJ locations offer similar cars. Someone I know is currently renting A BMW 750LI from their Palm Springs location for a little more than 300 bucks/day. She had to arrange it over the phone and they brought it in from another office.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Avis has a BMW and Hertz has a E class.
Appreciate the help guys!
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Zipcar has BMW 328s and Audi A3s for about $100-110/day in the Bay Area (insurance and gas are included in that price) - I'm sure they have them in NJ as well.
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