Natural Gas Marketing - Where can I buy the worlds best training?
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Please recommend to me a place to receive 'natural gas marketing' training.

I found this place:

But it seems kind of suspect ...something about the naming of the institution strikes me as off.

Any ideas?

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What kind of marketing? In what area? Retail/Wholesale/Upstream? What kind of job would you be doing from this?

Oxford Princeton have a good reputation in energy trading and the energy industry in general. See also IFF Energy and ICIS Heren (they occasionally do courses) as alternatives. They are all mainly aimed at commodities trading desks and industry though, natural gas marketing is vague enough that I'm not sure they'd be relevant?
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Thank you for your questions and response Boobus! I appreciate hearing that they have a good reputation in the industry.

I'm interested in an learning more about in everything required to facilitate the sale of natural gas (finding buyers, ensuring secure supplies, transport, and delivering to end user, storage, accounting, financial instruments, risk management etc etc etc etc - as it relates to retail & wholesale.
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