What's the best (and easiest) way to sell my baseball card collection?
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I have a few dozen cards from the 1950s-1980s that may have some value (even a few that are older), and I'm most interested in selling those without getting ripped off. Are consignment services like CheckOutMyCards.com a decent way to go? Do cards need to be professionally graded in order for someone to be interested?

Two notes:

1. By quantity, I have thousands of 1980s and 1990s cards I want to get rid of as well, but I understand they are probably worth very little. I'm more interested in parting with high-value cards.

2. I'm OK with getting a low percentage of the fair value, as long as I don't get totally ripped off (i.e., getting 10 bucks for a rare Honus Wagner!).
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When I was a kid, Beckett's was the standard. (I have not looked at this stuff since the early '90s, so there may be a more up to date source.)
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Check eBay completed auctions for any of your cards. That's a decent way to figure out fair market value for comic books, and maybe it will work for cards, too. At the very least, you can compare it to whatever estimate you get from a professional site. Make sure you look at completed auctions, though. Those are actual sale prices, as opposed to currently running auctions which are often the prices that the sellers would like to get but are not necessarily realistic. You can find the completed auction option on the left-hand side of your search results screen. There's a "Buying Formats" heading, and if you click on "choose more" you'll get a check box for "completed auctions."
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checkoutmycards is great. I've bought and sold on there. They offer great services if you want to sell a lot of base cards, too.
Some people prefer graded, some dont care. I personally don't care. You get them graded for $6-15 usually.
I've also bought and sold a lot on ebay. A lot of times you well end up selling your cards for less than the Beckett price, though. And you end up paying a lot of fees. Depending on the sport, international customers will pay a lot.

Another great site is Sportsbuy. I've also bought and sold on there.

What I would do - check out each of these sights and see what your cards are selling for by others.

There are also a lock of forums where people buy/sell/trade. You could search for those.
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.. a lot, not lock.
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