Recommend a (non-scummy) medical malpractice attorney in NYC?
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Recommend a (non-scummy) medical malpractice attorney in NYC?

This was asked before, but some time ago.
I, the plaintiff, have reason to believe a misdiagnosis was a contributing factor in very serious cardiac issues. How does one proceed in this w/out feeling soiled, bogus or ambulance-chasing? Time-frame? What to expect?
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How do you define "scummy attorney?"
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With respect, there are many many many excellent med mal attorneys. My family used one; I have the highest regard for this person, and I have a dear friend who is a med mal atty and she is as straight a shooter as they come. I think you have some movie-fueled notions that will not serve you well if you go down this road. You might want to rethink those before you take this on.
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Response by poster: Let me clarify: There WAS a misdiagnosis, and there WAS a serious illness; whether one is related to the other in any meaningful way, I do not know, but the illness, a year later, resulted in open heart surgery. Friends have since urged me to at least discuss this w/ someone to clarify. I know this is complicated, the threshold is high, the injury/loss needs to be substantial, and honest people make mistakes. But I also respect my (non lawyer/doctor) friends opinions, and don't really have a good answer to 'why not talk to someone?'. A good mal lawyer might simply explain 'no case here' and that is enough for me. Not looking to blame, shit happens, just seek better understanding.
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It was the negative attitude about med mal lawyers, not doctors, that came through in your question.
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Response by poster: I stand corrected. No attitude implied. Unfortunately med mals are a punching bag for late-night comedy, and politicians. The truth is, they save lives.
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