My dogs have ruined the yard!
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I'm looking for a place to buy flagstone or slate for my garden in North Brooklyn or Queens.

I'm a renter so I don't want to break the bank, but I have had no luck keeping grass on the 9' x 11' patch of dirt in our back yard due to digging dogs. The surrounding patio is already concrete, and I thought that maybe some irregular shaped flat stones with groundcover plants in between would be a good compromise. I have had no luck finding a place that sells stepping stones, or garden stones around here despite being surrounded by stone companies here in Greenpoint that sell marble slab and the like for kitchen and bathroom. Anyone know of a place that sells natural garden stone?
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you just need to find a masonry yard and look to buy "moss rock" or "blue slate". Do you have a car? Really every decent yard should have them but most won't deliver the small amount you want. Even a Home Depot should be able to help you.

There are def yards near you - they bring the rocks in by barge up the newtown canal.
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