Help me remember a book?
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Help me locate a book I read when I was 10 or so?

I picked up a random YA novel at a thrift store when I was 10, and have been trying, off and on, to find it again for many years.

Here's what I remember:
The cover had a large picture of a girl on the phone, looking scared. At the bottom, smaller, was a different girl, prone, presumably dead. She may have been partially in a phone booth.

The plot was about a girl, 16 or so, high-school age, who moves back to her hometown after some time away. She reconnects with her best friend, who is almost immediately killed for some reason to do with drugs.

I seem to remember the murder method being that she had air injected into her veins.

That's all I remember. No character names or anything.

Help me, AskMeFi, you're my only hope!
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Friends for life
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Yes! You are a wunderkind!
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As an FYI, there's a sort of sequel Life Without Friends which focuses on Beverly as she deals with the outcome of the whole situation and then Susan shows up in the last book of Ellen Emerson White's President's Daughter series Long May She Reign.
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